When we initially launched this project, there was no intention to offer a token to pair with our NFTs purely because we could not be confident on the sustainability of such. How could you possibly guarantee that an ADA pairing token would always be able to have some value against ADA? The simple answer is you can't. You cannot be sure that in years or even months to come that you will have enough liquidity to provide and make an exchange possible. Everyone knows the impacts markets have on projects and secondary volume therefore decreasing available liquidity. That is why we have taken the approach to create a token that is used purely within our eco system. No ADA pairing, no false promises that this token will get you x amount of ADA in x amount of time.
The token we have created will have an unlimited supply and will be minted on demand as it is needed, meaning this token is deflationary from the outside view, however within our eco system it has the opposite effect. The ways to earn our token are as follows:
  • Staking your ChainChillaz on our platform (including our CC collection which will yield a slightly lower rate)
  • Giveaways through events we run
  • Completing daily and weekly quests we provide
  • Additional ways will also come in future as we are always looking to offer more to our holders
$CHILLAZ will be redeemable via our webstore, read more on such in the following pages on this paper.