Minting System

We are very proud to have created our own minting system without the need to rely on alternate services. This system has been created solely by our developer Haz. The service works on a queue based system to ensure the fairest possible mint for everyone involved. This means that should an influx of people mint at the same time, it will create a queue on the basis of the time the incoming tx was received, whoever reaches first, will receive their NFT back first. Creating our own system was something we wanted to do from the start. We have seen so many mints take place under particular services and it has ruined a lot of mints. It is a completely random system and we have no idea which NFT will be selected when you send off your ADA.
We also wanted to show off our ability as a team from the get go. Doing such has also allowed us to add some very nice additional fun features to the minting that we had never seen in the Cardano NFT space before. Our favourite being our live MintBot3000 which operates over in our discord. This shows real time live mints coming in from users so everyone can see the action as it happens and hype up some really epic mints that fly out of the machine.
After now having a successful sell out we can see just how well the minting system worked and would be thrilled to offer our services to other projects in the future.