Platform Expansion

Right now our aim is to try and increase the amount of people who know about our project and the brilliant work we do. We need to try and increase the amount of people holding our NFTs, so to do this we have a number of plans we are going to begin embarking on.
Our first step involves our new staking platform. We want to offer the chance for projects who maybe do not have the ability to build such a platform to partner up and join us. They will be able to stake their tokens with us on terms we agree between the project and then earn our token to spend in the reward store. This is a great step in growth as it can shed a lot of positive light on our project while also allowing other projects to add a great utility to their NFTs. The more partners we can obtain, the more people we will have daily coming to our platform.
The next idea we have takes place with our raffle bot. We want to offer this as a place for projects to donate to us to gain extra exposure to their project. Of course to enter you must hold our token which is earned through staking ChainChillaz NFTs. Such can easily improve secondary volume for holders of their project wanting to obtain the prize. Additionally to this we want to create big prize pools every so often with a number of projects. We would allocate x amount of raffle tickets for free to the projects communities involved and hopefully they would want to potentially earn more entries by picking up some ChainChillaz and staking them. If not, it is still great positive attention towards our project and sending more users to check out the work we are doing here and the platform we have built.
The platform also offers us a unique twist on any future mints that may take place. Holders could redeem x amount of their tokens for either a free mint of a % off the total mint cost. We have planed to do a very small drop of some pixel ChainChillaz, Chillaz ON Chain, so this will be a great chance for us to test this out utilising the platform.
We would also look to partner with projects for the foreseeable future to offer unique benefits to our holders for WL's and free mints of their NFTs through the use of our token.
We have many more ideas cooking away but for now this is all we will share as we don't want to let all the ideas into the open just yet..
Last modified 5mo ago