Minting Rewards

Throughout minting our 5,555 collection, we wanted to add an extra fun element for the users to embark on. This is why we added certain traits which have an additional reward when minted! We looked around and hadn't really seen anyone doing this, however we are all about community here and aim to give back as much as we can at all stages of the project.
1 of 1s, also known as "Onesies"
These are our super special NFTs in the collection. There are only 10, each one being different. They also represent our brand image as each one is a different endangered animal! If you are lucky enough to mint one of these you would receive an additional prize of 300 ADA!
X-Ray props
Throughout our supply we have 263 total X-ray props, 5 different variations. These are amongst the rarer traits in our supply. We decided to add multiple exciting elements for this prop. The first one being that anyone who holds an X-ray prop at a certain date we disclose once the mint is finished, will get a FREE airdrop of a special ChainChillaz NFT! This will be minted under a new policy. I am also excited to reveal that each different X-Ray prop will have a different theme for the airdrop. This means, we will have 5 different themes in this very small 263 supply.
As well as this, we have the X-Ray "Golden Ticket". This specific X-Ray enables the minter to choose either a 50 ADA reward or to spin the wheel which has a prizes up to 150 ADA but also as low as 25 ADA... so would you take the risk?
Lastly, the X-Ray "Key". This trait enables the minter to unlock a 50 ADA prize immediately.