Upgraded Raffles

We already have a raffle feature built into our platform, however with the new funding coming from the BlockChillaz mint we really want to ramp this up and offer much more opportunity to our community. We will also be adding entry limits onto every raffle to ensure it is a much fairer experience for everyone.
High value raffles
Once a month we will feature a high value NFT raffle on our site. To enter this raffle users will be required to purchase a high value raffle ticket from the shop which will be a much higher price than a standard raffle. This will be purchased using $CHILLAZ.
10-Day raffles
We will also to continue offering our lower end raffles but with more than just 1 to enter every 10 days. This will allow the community to enter more raffles regularly to have a much higher chance at winning a prize.
Community and other native token raffles
Once we have our gamified staking up and running how we would like it, we will also be exploring giving the community the chance to run their own raffles. We would also like to incorporate other native tokens into this. Allowing the user to run a raffle but the way of entering could be for example $SOCIETY etc instead of just our token $CHILLAZ.