Partner Adventures

We will also be seeking projects to partner up with on the adventures. Enabling you to send other projects NFTs on an adventure with you to earn rewards. We will be doing this in a few different ways.
One way partner adventures will work would be us selecting projects from our current partner list to become apart of your squad. Certain adventures in each realm may require a partner project NFT in order to complete the adventure.
Another way would be for projects to purchase a whole realm or individual adventures from us directly. Projects would be able to let us know exactly what style of adventures they would like to create. Purchasing an entire realm would grant the project a whole set of adventures that their project could utilise through the use of their NFTs.
The final way would be flash adventures. Super limited time to complete with a much higher reward but a lower success rate. We would randomly select one of our partner projects to participate in these events.
We have big plans to expand this system as much as we can and we would love to get as many projects involved as possible. It gives projects a great opportunity to offer something new to their holders that projects may not be able to offer for a much lower price.