Chillaz Adventures

This section explains our next phase of plans for The Chillaz eco-system
We are about to take our staking platform to a whole new level to introduce a gamified experience for our users! The entire platform will be getting a revamp to make a unified experience between custodial, non-custodial staking and Chillaz adventures.
So, what is Chillaz Adventures?
Chillaz adventures is our new way for users to have fun on our platform by giving a gaming feel while using the staking system we have in place. Chillaz adventures will consist of a number of realms you must work your way through with a squad of your choice (NFTs in our collections).
Within each realm you will find a number of adventures for your Chillaz (ChainChillaz & BlockChillaz) to embark on. Each adventure will have a different level of difficulty and success rate. Completing a mission will give the user a reward of $CHILLAZ or other items useable within the gamified system such as boosts, potions etc. The higher the difficulty, the higher the reward.
You will not be successful in every adventure. If you are not successful, the squad you used will be "knocked out". In order to get your squad back you must use a revival potion which can be purchased via the shop using your $CHILLAZ or earned through other adventures.
Important to note, when your squad is knocked out they will not be able to participate in any adventures or regular staking before you revive them.
Different types of adventures and access options
Certain adventures will have particular requirements for you to meet before you can participate. Some will require you to own a ChainChillaz, maybe a new BlockChillaz, maybe both collections or possibly even a particular trait from either of our collections. Some adventures will also require an amount of $CHILLAZ or even an item to enter. Such items will be purchasable via the shop and may be of limited quantity. This is so we can ensure everyone is able to take part in some adventures while also thinking about the demand for each supply on the secondary market. Some adventures will also require a minimum number in your squad.
XP and levelling up
We are planning to integrate an XP system into the platform which you will earn during each adventure to level up your "main boss" character. This level is very important as you will be required to reach a certain XP level before you can progress onto the next realm. Your "main boss" will be an NFT you set from either collection ChainChillaz or BlockChillaz.
Adventure squad slots
Everyone will start with 1 squad slot. Meaning you will be able to participate in 1 adventure at a time. However, there is the possibility to purchase extra squad slots using your $CHILLAZ tokens but you will need to reach certain XP levels to do so. These extra slots can also be earned by completing certain adventures.
Important to note that the initial launch of our gamified system will take around 2 months to build. The version we first put out will NOT be the final product. We will be continuously adding elements throughout from community feedback and other ideas we have to improve the experience. The build will start once we sell 1/3 of the BlockChillaz supply.