Adventure Items

Used to help you succeed on your adventures
Throughout the gamified experience we will be bringing in multiple items and boosts you can earn / purchase using your $CHILLAZ items to allow you to have a better success rate and higher rewards when completing an adventure.
NFT Rarity
The rarity of your NFTs will have an impact on your adventures. The higher the rarity, the better your success rate will be. So you definitely want to ensure you have a high ranker in your squad to help as much as possible.
We will be continuously adding multiple potions throughout the experience to help you on your journey. Potions will only last a limited time and be a one use feature. An example would be the revival potion for when your squad is "knocked out". Once you use the potion it will be removed from your backpack and users would be required to purchase one again. Other potions such as strength, invisibility, etc will also be coming. Enabling you to boost your squad to improve your success rate. Some potions will improve your success rate, others will be required to enter an adventure. These will be purchasable via the shop using your $CHILLAZ or earned through select adventures.
Future items
We are building the new system with a lot of room for further future growth to add a lot more items for you to enjoy using. So expect much more to come in the future. We will also be taking on all community feedback for items you would love to see in the experience.