Additional Holder Rewards

We are reviewing other ways that we can give back to our loyal community members. One method we are exploring deeper is the possibility of a percentage of the royalty being shared between certain holders on a monthly / quarterly basis. The idea being everyone would have a potential shot at this. We would choose a particular trait from the ChainChillaz and BlockChillaz collection. Those holders of said traits would then be put into a raffle to determine a small number of winners to divide the percentage of royalty share for that period.
Alternative ways for us to fill this prize pool to ensure funds keep flowing are also being explored. An example of this would be to give holders an option to buy $CHILLAZ with ADA via our store. This function would be for those who potentially need $CHILLAZ for certain adventures or items to proceed.
Another way is to offer sporadic auctions. What these auctions will entail you will have to wait and find out...
This is not 100% confirmed as we are still assessing any legal issues behind such, but is certainly something we are wanting to bring into our community to bring extra value to the community.