We hope you have enjoyed reading The Chillaz V2 whitepaper and are excited for everything we have planned in 2023! We have continuously proven ourselves time and time again since our first launch back on December 12th 2021 and we will continue to do so. We have a very intelligent and hard working team who have always delivered and more on what we set out to achieve.
The community is extremely valuable to us so we will continue to always take your feedback onboard with everything we do and adjust anything we deem necessary. Without you guys their is no project!
Our next phase of a gamified experience is what we feel is perfect for the project. Not only is it going to be a lot more fun, but it gives the user a better experience when being part of our project. It enables us further room for expansion to keep delivering more going into 2023. We are looking forward to the fresh revamp and unifying our current staking system with The Chillaz adventures to make a much cleaner platform.
Some elements maybe subject to change should certain issues arise, however we will always be upfront and honest if this happens. Our roadmap for 2023 is completely achievable for our team and comfortable to us to deliver, no false promises here. As previously stated, once 1/3 of our BlockChillaz supply has sold we are set to begin our developments for phase 2 of The Chillaz.