Custodial & non-custodial system
Staking, most certainly a buzzword in this space however we didn't want to just add something for the sake of it. Like everything we do in this project, it has to meet certain criteria. Firstly, it is important to consider the sustainability and longevity of such. Whether it is something our community wants, and whether it will add extra value to the NFTs they have purchased. We are completely satisfied that the system we have created has ticked all our boxes and that is why we decided to proceed with creating our very own in house staking platform. Just like everything, we haven't outsourced this build, it has been created solely by our developer Haz. It is important to note that the system works on the rarity of your NFTs, higher the rarity higher the rewards. For the official rarity we use please see CNFT Tools. The OG 5'555 collection of ChainChillaz will always earn the most of all collections.
Custodial system
Our custodial system is only available to our collections, not partners. Because this is a custodial system your NFT will be removed from your wallet and moved into our custodial wallet. Important to note that you will not lose your discord role from doing so as we have created our own role bot.
The benefits from this system being holders can gain an additional multiplier on their staking rewards depending on the amount of time they decide to lockup their NFT for. We offer a 7 day lockup (1.2x multiplier) and a 30 day lockup (2x multiplier). It is likely we add further lockups to offer more variety. So for those with diamond hands and wanting to yield extra $CHILLAZ, this is for you. You may stake a maximum of 100 ChainChillaz on this system and they must be staked in max groups of 10.
Non-Custodial system
The non-custodial system supports all of our collections. The NFTs will not leave your wallet when using this system, enabling you to freely use your NFTs on other project platforms we partner with. In order to stake, you are required to register on our utility platform and manually stake your NFTs for the first time. Rewards will then stack up until you decide to claim. Epoch takes place every 7 days. There is no limit to how many NFTs you can stake on this system.
Weekly bonus traits
Each week we have a selection of random traits that will allow users to gain an extra multiplier should they have one of these traits in their collection. We have done this to help aid secondary sales for particular traits as well as give an extra reward for some lower end rarity traits, taking into consideration those who may not be able to pickup the rarer traits in our supplies. These are updated every Monday and is a random set every week.