Reward Shop

A place to instantly spend your $CHILLAZ tokens you have earned
Here you will find all the current rewards available and is the area where you can spend your $CHILLAZ tokens instantly! No waiting around for a promise of gaining ADA, know what you are working towards, gain enough tokens and purchase it!
The items you see will not always be there, however we will warn you of any changes to our site. Our aim is to keep as much variety as possible to ensure that there is something for everyone to work towards. We want to stress that the initial launch of the store is merely a segment of what we have to come. This is the beauty of what we have built, it is so easy for us to add items when we deem fit. It also enables us to host flash events for big items which will be of a limited quantity, but again we will alert you of any new items landing on our store over in the discord.
We have already added some project WLs to this shop and will continue to do so moving into the future.
Future plans for the store
We will also obtain 1/1 pieces of art from artists in the space, including our own artist Nosta, some of these pieces will be their own work with no relevance to us whereas some will be related to our project, so keep an eye out for those.
There will also be a section for merch when this goes live. You will be able to redeem discounts for merch using your tokens. We will also have flash events where items of merch can be purchased purely using your tokens.