Mint Details

  • Supply: 3600 BlockChillaz
  • Mint Price: 120 ADA
  • ChainChillaz Holders WL: 100 ADA (Earliest and cheapest access to mint)
  • WL Price: 110 ADA (with early access to mint, after ChainChillaz holders WL)
  • Mint Date: February 2023 (Exact date TBC)
  • You will also be able to mint on public launch for the price of 105 ADA + 1500 $CHILLAZ
Whitelist details
We will be offering a bunch of ways to obtain a whitelist for this drop such as:
  • Twitter giveaways
  • Random spots for those regularly engaging with us
  • Purchasing through our shop using $CHILLAZ
  • Other project giveaways
  • Auctions using $CHILLAZ
WL's will be available for our current ChainChillaz holders based on your discord role as follows:
Each WL spot enables you to mint 1 BlockChillaz, you will also be the first to mint the supply and at the cheapest price
  • Turtles (owns 2-5 ChainChillaz) 1 Spot
  • Narwhal (owns 6-10 ChainChillaz) 3 spots
  • Tasmanian Devils (owns 11-15 ChainChillaz) 4 spots
  • Giraffes (owns 16-24 ChainChillaz) 5 spots
  • Apes (owns 25-35 ChainChillaz) 6 spots
  • Giant Pandas (owns 36-50 ChainChillaz) 7 spots
  • Elephants (owns 51-70 ChainChillaz) 8 spots
  • Crocs (owns 71-90 ChainChillaz) 9 spots
  • Park Ranger (owns 91-110 ChainChillaz) 10 spots
  • HODLER (owns 111-130 ChainChillaz) 11 spots
  • Whale and MEGA Whale (owns 131+ ChainChillaz) 12 spots
Leading up to the mint date, there will be a number of chances for the community to earn themselves a FREE BlockChillaz mint using their $CHILLAZ tokens. So make sure you continue racking up those $CHILLAZ by staking your ChainChillaz and partner projects. Stay alert!