Collection Details

Why a new collection?
We want to be as transparent with our community and potential new comers as possible. There is many factors as to why we want to do a new collection. One big factor is the funding. In order for us to continue building in this space we require funding to pay for further dev work on our next phase as well as increase the value to our holders through rewards. The funding also enables us to maintain a steady level of sustainability for our future on the blockchain.
Our first collection ChainChillaz consisted of just a 37 ADA mint, with 2 ADA from every mint going to support WildTomorrow Fund. Where we are at now is a level we can maintain, but we want to be able to bring a lot more to the community to really level up our brand and exposure. We spent a huge amount of money on developments we never planned to bring to the project because we recognised we must do so in order to make ourselves a well known project within the space. I want to be clear that the funding gained from this collection is to take us up that extra level and achieve everything we have outlined for our phase 2 utility. People with us from early know that we are here to build and deliver to our excellent community.
Why a new art style and character?
We have chosen to take what some may see as a risk in this space, but we see it as new opportunity. We did not want to create a S2 ChainChillaz using the same character as we feel the collection is perfect as it is and has a vast variety of traits and quality of art to go well into the future. Doing so would only devalue the OG collection which we do not want to do. Therefore, we took a rarely seen approach to bring in new characters to our eco-system, and BlockChillaz were born. The new art style helps us hit a new target audience in the space and allows us a much wider appeal as a brand to the entire community.
Will OG ChainChillaz become redundant?
Far from this, if anything the demand is set to increase further with our next phase of developments due to the requirements set out in certain adventures and the increase in reward value. ChainChillaz also yield the highest possible rewards from our non-custodial and custodial system. Every project we partner up with is also required to purchase x amount of ChainChillaz in order to stake their collection with us. So demand will always be there for this collection going into the future.
Supply and traits
To ensure we do not over saturate our eco-system we have be very cautious with the amount we decide to mint. Therefore, we have opted for a collection of 3'600 NFTs, 2'600 Males, 1'000 females featuring over 280 traits and 7 1 of 1s. The collection features a lot of unseen traits in the space, not following suit with your regular cyborgs and zombies you see across a lot of projects.
We have also captured a very different perspective than your regular human based PFP. Not many projects attempt different angles with the character and we feel ours is very unique to the space. The 1/1s will also be a different perspective to the main supply, each capturing a new angle to ensure they have that special feel.
The supply focuses a lot around a streetwear element, so the collection is themed and traits work well together. We did not want to create a bunch of random traits and chuck them all together. No guns and swords like you are used to seeing, a clear theme throughout.
You may also find certain metadata within the characters which will level up your gamified experience on the adventures. We will share more upon this as we get closer to mint and the release of Chillaz Adventures...
100 NFTs from the collection will be pre minted by us for a games wallet. We will be sure to not include any 1 of 1s in this bundle. This backlog enables us to keep delivering fun events and prizes along our journey. Some of these will also be locked in special Chillaz Adventures where a certain number of people who complete the adventure will gain access to a BlockChillaz for free!