The Chillaz

Welcome to the official whitepaper version 2.0 of The Chillaz. Consisting of our projects ChainChillaz & BlockChillaz
Who are we?
We are an active community driven PFP project living on the Cardano Blockchain. We have two main projects under our branding as The Chillaz. Our first and debut project to the space being ChainChillaz, and our new phase two project BlockChillaz. We provide a cutting-edge staking and utility platform which enables you to gain the most out of your NFTs that you own. Continue reading to find out exactly what we provide!
A collection consisting of 5'555 NFTs featuring over 250 traits and 10 1/1s. This project helped support WildTomorrow Fund by donating 11k ADA to the foundation. This donation was used to aid the team on their mission to support endangered animals across the world. Upon the creation of this project we never initially set out to provide near as much utility as we offer today. However, as we grew in the space we really wanted to show off our capabilities as a team and make our mark in this space to show we are here to stay.
Policy ID: 713c9183d15403b37628115d9226aeb976cb32c163a7e130f8bfbdf8
ChainChillaz X-Ray Specials
A collection consisting of 263 NFTs. This was a very special drop and was only awarded to those who held an X-Ray prop from our first collection, ChainChillaz. This was a free airdrop to those holders. Featuring 5 different themes and over 100 traits to ensure max variety for such a small drop. This collection benefits from all the perks we offer.
Policy ID: 1aad7db1fb5a17b10c91e0bf6560308b4e803828cf0a5e70e3e6e397
ChainChillaz CC
This collection is used purely for our art collaborations we complete with other projects in the space, therefore it is forever growing. So far we have collaborated with Kid Yokai, Paper Box Era and OddBoyz to create some very unique ChainChillaz. These NFTs benefit from all the perks we offer.
Policy ID: 878d1c516f81a734ad9d6b55f2ec67dd1a3af5ecedf57d552b818f51
BlockChillaz (not yet launched)
A collection consisting of 3'600 NFTs featuring over 280 traits and 7 special 1/1s. This project is being created to further our exposure in the space by offering a completely different style PFP from our first mint of ChainChillaz. The collection benefits from a vast amount of use case which can be explored in detail throughout this document. It is allowing us to further our development of our eco-system to ensure we can keep delivering to our fantastic community.