Who are we?

Welcome everyone to our official whitepaper for ChainChillaz NFT operating on the Cardano Blockchain!
We are a collection consisting of 5,555 unique NFTs, with over 250+ traits in the entire collection. We also feature 10 brilliant 1 of 1s for you to feast your eyes upon!
Our mission from the start has been to raise as much awareness and support endangered animals across the world. We feel that there are a lot of projects using animals as their NFT's to profit from, however fail to recognise a lot of these animals are endangered across the world because of humans. That is why we wanted to make an impact on this by making constant donations throughout our mint to support our partner WildTomorrow Fund on their missions! A total of over $5000 has be donated through our mint to assist with this. We also plan to continue donating through means of merch sales and secondary volume royalties.
Our aim here is to create a respectable brand, not just an NFT project. We recognise that tackling this space through many different avenues can help to establish a solid core community which is the great base for a successful brand. We want to explore both web 2 and web 3 development as much as we can. All of this is to ensure The Chillaz brand is known worldwide for many different reasons.